Payment & Finances


In order to secure your place in a field school, a nonrefundable deposit fee is required.  Please note that you can pay the deposit payment only after your application was approved by the field school director(s).  Payments differ by program.


  • Costs of instruction
  • Costs of your room & board. In most field schools, your meals during the weekend are not covered but the cost of accommodations are. Look at the field school syllabus for details
  • Costs of your credit units and two transcripts
  • All local transportation
  • For all international programs, the full costs of your Health Insurance and Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation Insurance
  • A single IFR T-Shirt


  • Costs of travel to- and from field school meeting point as described in the program syllabus
  • Travel insurance for airline tickets
  • Costs of entry visa (if any) to the country in which the field school will take place
  • Costs of immunizations or prescribed medication
  • Personal expenses for items such as gifts to family & friends, phone calls, etc.
  • For all programs in the US the IFR cannot purchase short term health insurance on your behalf. Proof of health insurance is required.


Payments may be made by check, cashier check or through our online payment system.  All payments must be made in US Dollars. Pay stubs for check payments are required and students will be able to download pay stubs from their folder once admitted to the program.

  • If you choose to pay by check or cashier check, please make it payable to the “Institute for Field Research”. Write your program name on the memo line.
  • The IFR accepts all major credit cards. Please remember that payments by credit cards incur a fee – publicized on the “Student Fees” section of each field school. Payment by check or cashier's check save $100 off the price of tuition.
  • Returned checks incur an automatic $29.00 Returned Check Fee


  • Please carefully read our Financial Aid Section
  • Financial Aid recipients that submitted all financial aid documents by the appropriate deadlines are exempt from the final payment deadline
  • Financial Aid recipients must pay their program balance in full at least ten (10) days prior to the program start date






Financial Aid

Many universities allow students to take institutional financial aid off campus.  Check with the Financial Aid office at your school to see what aid you can apply to your IFR field school.  Explore your eligibility for additional funds – including loans – through your home school before applying to an IFR field school.  The Study Abroad office at your home institution may be of help and can be a good source of information.  Because the credit units you earn for your IFR field school will likely be accepted at your home institution and applied towards your degree, your school should be able to process a Stafford Loan or other federal/state sources of support to assist your IFR participation.

Most IFR field schools run during the summer.  Your annual financial aid package may be augmented (through additional allocation of funds) to cover the costs of tuition, estimated airfare and spending money.  The summer is usually considered the first term of the academic year but policies may be different at your home institution. Please consult with your home institution about availability, eligibility and home campus deadlines for Financial Aid requests.

If you do plan to use Financial Aid to pay any portion of your field school costs, please follow these four steps: 

1. Consult with a Financial Aid officer at your home institution regarding eligibility, availability and type of financial package.  Complete all relevant paperwork.

2. Apply to an IFR field school.  Once accepted, you will be sent an enrollment packet.  Complete and send with your nonrefundable $500 Deposit Fee to secure a spot in the program.

3. Download the IFR Financial Aid Agreement  Carefully read and make sure you understand the legal obligations you are taking upon yourself.  Sign, date, scan and send as an email attachment to  Once received, the form will be reviewed and IFR representative will sign on our behalf.  A copy will be sent to you, usually within 36 hours. 

4. Once Financial Aid funds are dispersed to you, forward balance of payment to the IFR.  You will not be allowed to attend the field school if we do not receive your full field school payment five days prior to the beginning of your program. 

Important note: Federal financial aid must be dispersed directly to you. The IFR and Connecticut College cannot accept direct federal financial aid on your behalf as you matriculate at your home institution. Federal financial aid may be dispersed to you first and it is your responsibility to use the funds and pay for the costs of the field school.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your participation in any of our field schools, the following policy applies.

  • If you did not pay Deposit Fee and Tuition, you were allocated no spot at the field school.  You need to do nothing.
  • If you paid the Deposit Fee, it is nonrefundable.
  • Tuition is refundable until full payment deadline -- as noted on the field school home page (dates varied between programs); Tuition is nonrefundable thereafter.
  • If you paid the Deposit Fee but decided not to attend the field school, you must notify the IFR of your intention by sending a Letter of Cancellation to avoid being responsible for the full Tuition (see below).   The Deposit Fee fee is nonrefundable.
  • Failure to inform the IFR of program cancelation by the payment deadline (see above) will result in a bill for the full cost of Tuition.  You will be held liable for the full Tuition cost and your bill will be sent to a collection agency. 
  • Returned check incures an automatic $29.00 Returned Check Fee.

In the event that a field school is cancelled by the Institute for Field Research, all enrolled students will be notified immediately and given a full refund of Tuition costs, including the $500 Deposit Fee.