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Located in the heart of interior South-Central California, the Wind Wolves Preserve lies at the interface between several rich habitats and contains some of the most spectacular examples of Native American paintings found anywhere in North America.  Since 2005, we have been investigating rock-art, habitation, and special-purpose sites throughout this region. In 2014, we will continue this work throughout the preserve with particular focus on the only known Chumash Cache Cave having extensive perishable material remaining in situ.   We will be conducting excavation both within and outside the cave in order to answer crucial questions about the function and meaning of this important site.  Students will be introduced to a range of archaeological methods and practices, including portable XRF use and 3D laser scanning. 

United States Windwolves Preserve Archaeology Field School - Institute for Field Research Field Schools US (CA) - Wind Wolves18-352014-06-20
Course Dates: Jun 15 - Jul 19 2014
Enrollment Status: CLOSED 
Total Cost: $ 4,200 
Course Type: Field Archaeology
Instructors: Dr. David Robinson, Dr. Julienne Bernard



David Robinson

Dr. David Robinson

Dr. Robinson ( is Lecturer at the Archaeology School of Forensic and Investigative Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire (UK).  For more information, click here.
Julienne Bernard

Dr. Julienne Bernard

Dr. Bernard ( is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at East Los Angeles College.  For more information, click here.


"Attending the Wind Wolves Field School through IFR was one of the most rewarding and stimulating experiences of my Archaeological career. Not only did it give me the hands-on experience I needed to excel in my Archaeology program in College, but it prepared me for an exciting career in Archaeology immediately following graduation. I found that I was more experienced compared to my fellow co-workers due to the knowledge I acquired at Wind Wolves. The combination of the Field supervisors, guest Archaeologists, and students chosen made this field school one to remember. I am grateful to have been apart of such a well organized and professional field crew."
-Missy Snell, Biola University (2012)
"My summer as a member of the Wind Wolves archaeology field school was without a doubt one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  Given the small size of the program, we received ample one-on-one time with our director and supervisors and quickly mastered the techniques demonstrated to us.  Dr. Robinson and his staff were experts in the material culture of the Southern California area and taught us a great deal about both the artifacts we uncovered as well as the Chumash who had once inhabited the area we were working in.  Not only did I learn valuable skills related to excavation; observation; artifact handling identification, and photography; backfilling; note taking; and GPS, I also learned how to flint knap (create projectile points out of stone), throw an atlatl (traditional weapon), cook camp dinners, identify various local flora and fauna, and interpret rock art.  We were able to commune with nature in a intimate manner and I left the program feeling refreshed, invigorated, and extremely pleased with the friends and knowledge I had gained.  I miss the field school greatly and look forward to working with Dr. Robinson again on future digs in the area.  If you are interested in gaining archaeological experience surrounded by knowledgeable and welcoming instructors, genial students, and a beautiful landscape, the Wind Wolves Field School Program is most definitely for you."
-Alana Springer, Pomona College (2012)




Student Fees

Early Enrollment Begins November 15 - Full payment must be received by April 1  
(Full Payment = Deposit + Tuition)
 Payment by Cashier or Personal Check Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card
Deposit:500 USD Deposit: 510 USD 
Tuition: 3,700 USD Tuition: 3,790 USD 

Late Enrollment Begins April 2 - Full payment must be received 10 days prior to course start date
(Full Payment = Deposit + Tuition)
 Payment by Cashier or Personal Check Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card
Deposit:500 USD Deposit: 510 USD 
Tuition: 3,800 USD Tuition: 3,890 USD 


Students will be camping on the Wind Wolves Preserve.  Students will share tents with 1 or 2 other students (unless they provide their own tent). The preserve campground has toilets and running water, but no showers. A sun shower will be provided. There will be limited access to electricity.  

MEALS:  On work days (Mon-Fri) and excursions, all meals will be communal events and will provide plenty of nutritious but basic food.  Our dig chef will prepare hot dinners but students will prepare their own breakfast and lunch from supplies provided by the project.   Students are responsible for their own meals on days off. Vegetarians may attend but will find options fairly limited.  Other specialized diets (vegan, nut allergies, etc.) are difficult to maintain in this remote location.