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Archaeological Shoreline Research (A. Sho.Re) is a Geo-Archaeological project set up to explore the archaeology of the Coastal Zone at the Island of Kephallenia. The project aims to establish an interdisciplinary survey methodology of maritime landscapes.  Research design draws heavily on the interface between Archaeology and Earth Sciences, the geomorphic formation processes in particular (geology, geomorphology, palaeohydrology, etc.).  Fieldwork focuses on the systematic and extensive survey along the shores of SE Kephallenia.  Work will be done mostly in the shallow water off the island coast (max depth of 2 meters) and students should expect to spend most of the day snorkeling and in the water.  Students will use GPS and underwater photography to document sites.  Students attending this program must be good swimmers and have strong stamina as we will spend most of the day working in the water.  Strict safety discipline will be practiced and instructions from safety boats must be followed.  Students will be asked to adhere to special diet (provided by the project) that will enable prolonged work in marine environment

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Course Dates: Jun 29 - Jul 26 2014
Enrollment Status: CLOSED 
Total Cost: $ 4,850 
Course Type: Field Archaeology
Instructor: Dr. Evyenia Yiannouli

Course Syllabus 


Evyenia Yiannouli

Dr. Evyenia Yiannouli

Dr. Yiannouli ( is an Assistant Professor at the Department of History, Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management, University of the Peloponnese (Greece).


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Student Fees

Early Enrollment Begins November 15 - Full payment must be received by April 1  
(Full Payment = Deposit + Tuition)
 Payment by Cashier or Personal Check Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card
Deposit:500 USD Deposit: 510 USD 
Tuition: 4,350 USD Tuition: 4,440 USD 

Late Enrollment Begins April 2 - Full payment must be received 10 days prior to course start date
(Full Payment = Deposit + Tuition)
 Payment by Cashier or Personal Check Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card
Deposit:500 USD Deposit: 510 USD 
Tuition: 4,450 USD Tuition: 4,540 USD 


Students will stay in local, moderate lodgings with own bathroom and showers (possibly kitchenette), shared between 2-4 persons.

MEALS:  Breakfasts and lunches will be self-prepared but ingredients provided by the project.  Students are responsible for their own weekend meals.  Participants in swimming and snorkeling sessions are expected to comply with dietary limitations applied to breakfasts and lunch. Dinner will be provided at a local restaurant/local cook following the daily field activities. Greece is famous for its balanced diet and inclusion of many fruits and vegetables.  Yet, vegetarians may find this program challenging as vast amounts of calories are consumed daily during swimming survey.  Vegan, kosher and other diets are impossible to accommodate in this program.