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The site of Zita is an urban mound located in southern Tunisia and situated along an ancient trade route from Carthage to Tripoli. Identified by a Latin inscription as the Roman city of “Zita” (“Olive City” in Punic) it also contains a Carthaginian child sacrifice precinct (tophet).  Our project is the first modern research expedition to be granted permission to work here.  For the 2014 season, we will continue with mapping the ancient city and its coastal and agricultural hinterlands.  We will also continue targeted excavation at the Roman forum and the Carthaginian sacrifice precinct to inform us on Zita’s cultural trajectories.  Finally, we will document the socioeconomic, political, religious, and ecological realities of the local populations from prehistory to the post-Arab Spring using archaeological and ethnographic methods. 

Tunisia Zita Archaeology Field School - Institute for Field Research Field Schools Tunisia - Zita18-352014-06-20
Course Dates: Aug 04 - Sep 7 2014
Enrollment Status: CLOSED 
Total Cost: $ 4,150 
Course Type: Field Archaeology
Instructors: Dr. Brett Kaufman, Dr. Hans Barnard, Dr. Ali Drine, Mr. Rayed Khedher


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Brett Kaufman

Dr. Brett Kaufman

Dr. Kaufman (bkaufman@ucla.edu) holds a Post Doctoral postion at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology, Brown University.  For more information, click here.
Hans Barnard

Dr. Hans Barnard

Dr. Barnard (nomads@ucla.edu) is an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA.  For more information, click here
Ali Drine

Dr. Ali Drine

Dr. Drine is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institut National du Patrimoine (INP).
Rayed Khedher

Mr. Rayed Khedher

Mr. Khedher (rayed@ucla.edu) is an Advanced Graduate Student at the Department of Anthropology at UCLA.


This is a new field school and there are no student testimonials for this program.




Student Fees

Early Enrollment Begins November 15 - Full payment must be received by April 1  
(Full Payment = Deposit + Tuition)
 Payment by Cashier or Personal Check Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card
Deposit:500 USD Deposit: 510 USD 
Tuition: 3,650 USD Tuition: 3,740 USD 

Late Enrollment Begins April 2 - Full payment must be received 10 days prior to course start date
(Full Payment = Deposit + Tuition)
 Payment by Cashier or Personal Check Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card
Deposit:500 USD Deposit: 510 USD 
Tuition: 3,750 USD Tuition: 3,840 USD 


Field housing will be in a modern villa in Jarzis, about five miles from the site. The enclosed villa contains five two-bedroom apartments, entirely reserved for our field school. Two or three people will share a room. There is a garden, outdoor terraces, hot water, and air conditioning.

MEALS:  All meals will be communal events, prepared by two in-house cooks. The food prepared will be traditional Tunisian cuisine, based largely on couscous, semolina, bread, vegetables (typically carrots and sweet potatoes), soups, fish, chicken, and goat.  Although vegetarian or vegan options are available, it may be challenging at times to maintain these diets. Students with these diets should discuss ways to find accommodations with project directors. The tap water is fine for bathing, but is not potable and bottled water will be provided for drinking.