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The vast Muslim cemeteries of Cairo – sometimes called the "City of the Dead" – are a unique urban environment that includes valuable medieval architectural monuments and living communities that practice traditional crafts.  As part of the conservation and restoration of the hawd building (literally, a drinking trough) erected by Sultan Qaitbey ca. CE 1472, students will participate in the documentation of physical and social aspects of a section of this quarter.  Working side-by-side with Egyptian peers, students will learn about the architectural and urban history of a traditional Middle Eastern city, and about principles of architectural conservation and adaptive reuse. This field school is ideal for students seeking insights or careers in urban planning, architecture, heritage conservation and archaeological restoration.

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Course Dates: Jul 05 - Aug 8 2014
Enrollment Status: CLOSED 
Total Cost: $ 4,950 
Course Type: Conservation
Instructors: Ms. Agnieszka Dobrowolska, Mr. Jarosław Dobrowolski

Course Syllabus 


Agnieszka Dobrowolska

Ms. Agnieszka Dobrowolska

Ms. Dobrowolska ( is the co-director of ARCHiNOS Architecture and has over fifteen years of experience on historic preservation projects and archaeological sites in Egypt.  For more information, click here.
Jarosław Dobrowolski

Mr. Jarosław Dobrowolski

Mr. Dobrowolski is the co-director of ARCHiNOS Architecture and has worked on numerous archaeological sites and conservation projects in Egypt and the Sudan.  For more information, click here.

Student Testimonials

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Student Fees

Early Enrollment Begins November 15 - Full payment must be received by April 1  
(Full Payment = Deposit + Tuition)
 Payment by Cashier or Personal Check Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card
Deposit:500 USD Deposit: 510 USD 
Tuition: 4,450 USD Tuition: 4,540 USD 

Late Enrollment Begins April 2 - Full payment must be received 10 days prior to course start date
(Full Payment = Deposit + Tuition)
 Payment by Cashier or Personal Check Payment by Credit Card/Debit Card
Deposit:500 USD Deposit: 510 USD 
Tuition: 4,550 USD Tuition: 4,640 USD 


Students will live in basic, but comfortable local accommodations on a location on the Zamalek Island on the Nile. This district of Cairo is traditionally preferred by foreigners. It is located near Downtown and the Egyptian Museum. All necessary amenities are available in the district and are within walking distance.  A minivan will be provided for daily transportation to and from the site.

MEALS: All meals will be communal events and will be consumed at a local restaurant or on the project site. Vegetarians may attend and will find plenty of healthy choices for food. Vegan and kosher restrictions are difficult to accommodate in this location.